Mirai Nikki Redial Review


It’s been a pretty busy week for me, especially with the summer anime season beginning. To make things even better, subs for Mirai Nikki Redial were released this past week!

I had no idea that the OVA would be out so early, but apparently it was streamed several weeks ago on Nico in low quality. I’m a huge Mirai Nikki fan and have been waiting to see this ever since it was announced. The OVA is scheduled to be bundled with the new Future Diary Redial manga volume that will be released later this month on the 26th of July. As much I as I would love to get my hands on a copy of the manga, I can’t read Japanese. Seeing as Tokyopop shutdown it’s North American publishing operations a few years back after publishing only 10 of the 12 volumes of Mirai Nikki, I highly doubt Redial will see a publication in English anytime soon.

Now before I even get to the review, I’m assuming those of you reading this have already watched Mirai Nikki. If not, don’t read this review before watching the series. I’ll try to keep details of the OVA to a minimum for those of you who may not have watched it yet.

The story in Mirai Nikki Redial follows the life of the 3rd World’s Yuno Gasai after the events that took place in episode 26 of Mirai Nikki. In this world the Mirai Nikki game is not taking place, and everyone in the third world is living a happy and peaceful life. However, even in this happy life, Yuno feels as those she is missing something important, though she can’t put her finger on exactly what it is.

The OVA starts off with a recap of Yuno’s death scene at the school. I honestly, didn’t expect to have to watch this scene over again. I’ve avoided watching it ever since I saw it the first time because I find it so sad that Yuno and Yukki can never be together because of the Mirai Nikki game. I didn’t prepare for those feels man, they get me every time.

Those first few minutes got me right in the feels

The OVA is kind of split into two parts, with the first half being more lighthearted and comedic, with Yuno and the gang at the beach. The second half focuses more on Yuno trying to figure out what she’s missing.

I really like the fact that you get to see another side of Yuno here. First world Yuno was living a rather empty life, but when she found Yuki, he was able to fill that empty void in her. Not wanting to ever go back to the life she once had, she does whatever she can to keep Yuki in her life. Then when you take a look at third world Yuno, the events that occurred in episode 26 allowed her to reform the bonds between her and her family, leading her to live a fulfilling life. As a result, she turns out quite differently from the first world’s Yuno. I feel that this was displayed well towards the end of the OVA when she confronts Akise. (I won’t go into further detail to avoid spoilers)

Furthermore, the OVA does a great job in displaying Yuno’s love for Yuki. Even in the 3rd world where she never meets Yuki, subconsciously she is always thinking about him. I thought it was nice how her love for him crossed worlds.

Overall, I was satisfied with the OVA, but a bit disappointed that it wasn’t as good as I’d hoped it would be. While I enjoyed seeing all the characters living happy lives, the pacing of the OVA seemed a bit off. Because the whole first half of the OVA was spent at the beach, the second half which covered more of the main focus of the OVA, Yuno trying to find what was missing in her life, seemed a bit rushed. If they had spent less time on the fan service and lighthearted side of things, I feel this OVA could have been a lot better. If they wanted to mix in that stuff in, they should have kept it to a minimum or made the whole OVA like that.

If you are a fan of Mirai Nikki check this OVA out, but don’t expect too much from it.

Score: 7/10

Bear in mind that I'm a big fan of the series

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