Summer Anime 2013: First Week in Review

Well, the first week of the summer anime season has come to an end. An otaku vampire, magical lolis, and much more awaits those of you who decide to dive head first into the fray of new series. The question of course is, “Which series are worth picking up?” Only the first episode has aired, but hopefully I can help thin down the pack for those of you scouting out what you want to watch.

Watch I’ve Watched So Far:

  1. Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C³-bu
  2. Blood Lad
  3. Love Lab
  4. Highschool DxD NEW
  5. Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi
  6. Servant x Service
  7. Kiniro Mosaic
  8. Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou
  9. Fantasista Doll
  10. Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku
  11. Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou
  12. Free!
  13. Danganronpa The Animation
  14. Uchouten Kazoku

Oh yeah, if you want a great link to see what dates shows air, check out AniChart.

Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C³-bu


I had really read up on too many of the series before watching, but this was one of the few I knew I definitely wanted to check out. The story revolves around a group of girls in a club for military survival games called C³. You put girls and guns together and you will definitely garner my attention.

Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu

Karila is the best girl

When I first started watching the first episode, the animation was so… how should I put this; “cutesy”. I asked myself, “Am I watching the right series here?” Yes, yes, I was watching the correct series and after watching the first episode I have high hopes for this show. I’m really loving the characters so far and I found myself laughing my ass off the whole time. On top of this, the opening song is great. Kz played a part in creating the song, so it’s no surprise that I like it; he’s my favorite artist. Anything he touches turns to gold. I would definitely suggest checking out this show!!

Rating: Definitely Worth Checking Out! Girls, Guns, and Comedy!

^Back to the List^

Blood Lad


I hadn’t read anything on this series, but for some reason I was under the impression that this was going to be a serious series. Nope, that is definitely not the case. The story revolves around Staz, an otaku vampire who vows to bring a Japanese teenage girl, Fuyumi, back to life after she wanders into the demon world, is killed, and becomes a ghost.

Blood Lad 1

The idea that someone from another world was infatuated with the human world’s entertainment remind me of Nyaruko-san, though the shows aren’t really that similar beyond that. To make a better comparison,  I would say this show is like the new Hataraku Maou-sama! from the spring season. It contains the same kind of hilarity that I loved in Maou-sama. Both Staz and Maou are extremely powerful, but both of them prefer to live laid back lives. Heck, Staz and Maou are even voiced by the same voice actor, Ryota Ohsaka. Definitely check this out, especially if you loved Maou-sama!

Rating: Hilarity Worth Checking Out!

^Back to the List^

Love Lab


This was another series I knew I definitely wanted to check out before the season started. The story follows two girls (based on the preview, the other girls will be introduced the next episode), Maki and Riko. Riko walks in on Maki practicing kissing a pillow and the hilarity ensues as the two conduct “love research” together in the student council room!

Love Lab 6

Maki’s too adorable

I really don’t have too much to say other than the characters are are great and I literally couldn’t stop laughing as I was watching this. I highly recommend checking this series out for the hilarious shenanigans and the adorable Maki!

Rating: Definitely Worth Checking Out! Adorable and Hilarious!

^Back to the List^

Highschool DxD NEW


Ok, ok, I admit it. I watch this show for the “plot” just like any other guy. Those of you who’ve watched the first season or seen screenshots know exactly what I am talking about here, don’t lie.

You know you watch it for the plot. Don’t lie.

For those of you who haven’t seen Highschool DxD, know this; fan service and ecchi take the forefront in this series. If you aren’t a fan of that kind of stuff, then I would suggest steering away from this series.

The second season lives up to that point, hitting you with that “plot” straight away; I mean literally, within the first few seconds of the first episode. I don’t really have that much to say about the storyline, other than it seems kind of interesting so far. if you enjoyed the first season go ahead and pick this one up.

Rating: Only For Fans of Ecchi and The First Season

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Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi


On Sunday God abandoned the world, and as a result no one in the world can die or reproduce. Their hearts will stop beating, but their bodies will keep moving and grave keepers are the only ones that can put people to rest. Ai is one of these grave keepers, becoming one at the age of seven.

The first thing I thought upon watching this was, “That’s pretty messed up to make a seven year old a gravekeeper.” The second thing jumped it my mind was “UIHARU!!!” Yep, the same seiyuu that did the voice for Uiharu in A Certain Scientific Railgun voices Ai in this series. Some people find her voice annoying, but I loved Uiharu from Railgun.

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi 2

Loli time?

So far the story is getting pretty interesting and the art seems pretty nice. The show has a serious undertone to it, so the tiny bit of comedy stuck in the middle of the episode seemed slightly out of place. I also have to agree with some people that it probably would have been better to go with an older character than a loli for the main character; it would just fit the overall atmosphere better. Is it just me, or do there seem to be a lot of lolis this season?

That aside, from what I gathered from the first episode, this show seems like a different take on zombies, mixed with some elements of mystery. Those of you who’ve read the light novel or manga, forgive me if I’m way off here.

I’m sort of unsure on how this series will turn out. I would say that this isn’t one of my top picks; it’s alright, but I need to see more episodes to decide on whether I’ll like it or not.

Rating: Wait For A Few More Episodes Before Checking it Out

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Servant x Service


The story follows the daily work life of the staff in the health and welfare sector.

I have not seen Working!! (I really need to watch it soon, it’s been on my watch list for FOREVER!), but I can probably safely assume that those of you who enjoyed it will probably also enjoy Servant x Service. Watching this series feels refreshing since there are so many series that follow the same standard routine: highschool life, join club, have fun, YAY! While I often I enjoy those types of series, this just feels like a nice break from all of that.


Hasebe really makes the show that much more enjoyable

The first episode flew by in an instant. A great comedy series definitely worth checking out!

Rating: Hilarity at the Office Worth Checking Out!

^Back to the List^

Kiniro Mosaic


Yet another series I knew I would definitely check out this season. The basic story is that one of the main characters, Oomiya Shinobu, does a homestay in Great Britain. Years later, back in Japan, Shinobu gets a letter from Alice, the daughter from the family she lived with during her homestay. The letter states that Alice is coming to Japan and the series follows the lives of the girls.

The first half of this episode focuses on Shinobu’s homestay in Great Britain and how she bonded with Alice despite the language barrier between the two young girls. I always love that when foreign characters are presented, they often are able to somehow speak perfect Japanese (just the mother in this case). The Engrish in this episode was pretty funny, but cute at the same time. That scene when Shinobu leaves was hilarious.

Kiniro Mosaic 2

That face

This show has a really nice laid back feeling to it. It felt like I was watching a movie during the first half of the episode, and the animation kind of reminded me of stuff I used to watch when I was younger. Everything seemed to fit really well together: the music, the voice acting was spot on, and I love the animation style. Definitely check this one out!

Rating: Definitely Worth Checking Out for Any Slice of Life Fans!

^Back to the List^
Alright, we’re half way through the list so far!! I think I need a glass of water and a snack before I continue.

Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou


I wasn’t going to check this one out at first, but I decided to give it a shot. The story follows Harumi Kazuhito, a boy who absolutely in love with books. One day he finds Kirihime writing at a cafe and is killed while protecting her from being shot by a robber. Just to give you an idea of how much this guy loves books, all he can think about while he’s dying is how he hasn’t had the chance to read this one book. Kazuhito soon finds himself reincarnated as a dog, living a sad bookless life, until Kirihime arrives.

Inu to Hasami 3

That’s a lot of books

First off, I really don’t know what the heck is going on in the opening animation. Like seriously, what in the flippin’ cheese.

Inu to Hasami 1

What?? Just…. What???

Anyways, I actually enjoyed the first episode more than I expected. The fact that Marina Inoue is voicing Kirihime makes it even better, since she is one of my favorite seiyuus. She’s played Tohka from Date and Live and Yozora from Boku wa Tomodachi, just to name a few. A promising comedy series definitely worth checking out!

Rating: Pretty Good. Worth Checking Out!

^Back to the List^

Fantasista Doll


“Cute dolls who fight and power up with special cards.” I didn’t really expect too much after reading that, but I figured I’d give this series a shot.

The main character Uzume loves card games and soon finds herself the master of a number of different dolls after receiving a mysterious device. Later on, she is confronted by another girl trying to take away the cards that the device holds. I found it kind of ridiculous that when someone tapped Uzume on the shoulder in the changeroom she decided to run away screaming before even looking to see who it was.

Fantasista 1

For some reason, watching this series felt really strange to me. Right off the bat, it had this super happy kawaii girl vibe to it. Then the more I watched it I could only think of one thing…. Cardcaptor Sakura. I haven’t watched all of Cardcaptor, but I mean seriously, everything from the vibe, to the symbol on the phones, to summoning dolls via cards, etc. screamed Cardcaptor to me.  It feels like such a rip off to me (I apologize to any Cardcaptor fans if I’m over generalizing things too much).

The series seem alright so far, but watching it won’t be a priority for me.

Rating: Average. Seems Like A Cardcaptor Rip Off

^Back to the List^

Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku


Now this was an anime series that I was really looking forward to. The series follows five girls in the “Going Home” club.

Alright, first off, there isn’t an actual plot to this series, similar to something like Lucky Star. The episodes are split into a number of different scenes/topics.

Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku

Seal understand me

HOWEVER, even though I mentioned Lucky Star, there is a HUGE difference for me between the two; that being I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen of Lucky Star while the comedy in this series feels kind of stale. Even though this is supposed to be a comedy series, I hardly laughed the entire episode. I’m pretty disappointed with how this series turned out, but I’ll watch another episode or two to give it a chance. However, I’ll probably end up dropping this series since there are quite a few other series out right now that have actually made me laugh.

Rating: Stale and Not Really Funny. I’ll Probably Drop it

^Back to the List^

Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou


Well, it’s time for your daily dose of magical lolis my friend. I’m not really a fan of lolis to tell you the truth, but I watched it anyways.

The first thing I noticed being a fan of Strike Witches was the fact that the seiyuu for Akari in the series also voiced Sanya from Strike Witches!! The first half of the episode was happy, happy loli time until shit started to go down later on. I feel like this series is trying to be somewhat dark, but for me, it just doesn’t really work well with lolis.

Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou 8

Lolis, lolis, everywhere

After watching the whole first episode I really didn’t know what was going on here, so I checked to see what MAL said. Apparently there are two different types of tarot cards, diablos and elemental. In essence, the story is a fight between good, the magical lolis who wield elemental tarot cards, and evil, those who wield diablos cards. Maybe they’ll explain that in the next episode…. If I watch it that is. Maybe loli fans would enjoy it more.

Rating: Mediocre. I May Drop It Depending on the Next Episode

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Yep…. I actually decided to watch this series. Most of you probably know the story since there’s been a lot of talk surrounding this series. The story follows a Haruka Nanase and a group of guys who were part of the same swim club when they were younger. Time passed, and now in high school Haruka decides to create a swim club at his school in order to defeat his rival Rin.

Free! 4

I laughed when I saw this thrown in the subs

When I started to watch the first episode I was kind of taken aback. I expected to hear manly voice, yet I was greeted by girly boyish voices. I especially lost it when Nagisa started talking because all I could think about was Chitanda from Hyouka, seeing as he was voiced by the same seiyuu. I thought it would be hilarious if the voices stayed like that for the entire show, but they became manlier once they jumped ahead to their highschool life.

Overall, it was alright…. But not really my type of series, like I expected. I doubt I’ll watch much more. Oh and one thing, what is this Makoto guy eating. DO you see that cat?? He could squish it to death with his gargantuan hand. He’s like the Jolly Green Giant.

Free! 3

I think we need the Scouting Legion here ASAP

Rating: It’s Alright, Just Not My Type Of Series

^Back to the List^

Danganronpa The Animation


The story revolves around 15 high school students who are trapped inside a school run by a sadistic bear. The only way for them to get out is if they kill one of their classmates and get away with it. If the killer’s identity is never discovered, they are the only one that gets to leave. On the other hand, if the identity of the killer is discovered, the killer is the only one executed. Apparently, like Devil Survivor 2 from last season, the anime series is based on the game that came out a few years ago.


I wasn’t really too keen on watching this series, and after finishing the first episode, I’m still not too keen on it. The story seems pretty interesting, but…. Monobear’s voice is just so annoying. He sounds like a constipated old granny. Sometimes voice acting can end up deterring you from a good show; in my case that happened with Evangelion. I originally watched the English dub a few years ago, but couldn’t make it past the second episode because I couldn’t stand Misato’s voice. Evangelion’s a great series, but unfortunately the voice acting made me drop it the first time seeing it. Well that’s my rant on voice acting. Despite it being annoying, I’ll try to continue to watch the series because I was intrigued by the first episode.

Rating: If You Can Get Past Monobear’s Annoying Voice, You May Find It Interesting

^Back to the List^

Uchouten Kazoku

jb0LdsvUKWqlIkThis was the last series I decided to check out before writing this review. The story takes place in Kyoto where there are three kinds of residents: humans, tanuki, and tengu. From what I gathered after watching the first episode, tengu have the ability to fly while tanuki have the ability to shapeshift. Though I saw no mention of anything about this in the first episode, according to MAL, the main character Yasaburo starts to learn the truth about his father’s death.

The story seemed rather interesting at first, however the first episode felt rather boring to say the least. I was waiting for it to pick up at some point, but nothing much happened in the end. It has a nice laid back, mystical felling to it, however nothing really piqued my interest. While there is the possibility of this just being a bad first episode, it doesn’t look like I’ll be continuing this series. I’ll watch the next episode, but I’m not expecting much.

Rating: Story Seems Interesting, But The Show Was Boring

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Wrap Up

Well, that’s everything I watched in the first week. Hopefully my impressions can help you decide what you want to watch this season. I’ll be posting my impressions of the series airing this week, and anything I missed last week towards the end of this week. Feel free to let me know in the comments what you’ve been looking forward to, and what shows you’re liking so far. Catch you guys later!


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