Nendoroid Tohka and Colossal Titan Open For Pre-Orders!

A new batch of figures was opened for pre-orders today, and I was surprised to find nendoroids for Tohka Yatogami from Date a Live and Colossal Titan from Shingeki no Kyojin by Good Smile Company among them. I haven’t been following their production, but the first I saw and heard of the Colossal Titan was sometime last week. I only heard about Tohka from Wonderfest.

Kurumi was my favorite girl from Date a Live, but Tohka ranks pretty high up there. Her nendoroid looks really great so I’m probably gonna go ahead and order her.


Picture via AmiAmi

Not too sure about Colossal Titan. I think he would look quite out of place in my collection. The only reason I gave him a further look was because a playset is include with him.


Picture via AmiAmi

If you do plan on ordering either of them, I would suggest AmiAmi. Here are the links:
Tohka Yatogami Nendoroid
Colossal Titan Nendoroid

Anyone planning on getting either of them?

2 responses to “Nendoroid Tohka and Colossal Titan Open For Pre-Orders!

  1. Hahahah. That Titan looks hilarious. He’s not one I would own but He is one I’d like to photoshoot with. hahaha.

    Yoshino is my favorite~

    • Yeah, it’d be great taking pictures of him with the play set and everything. And all the Date a Live girls are awesome! Hopefully we’ll see nendoroids of all of them! It’ll probably depend on how well Tohka sells.

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