[Spoilers] Oreimo Season 2 OVA: Episode 15 Review

In the last episode we were given a more tense atmosphere as Kyousuke rejected Kuroneko and worked his way towards announcing his love for Kirino. With that out of the way, this episode starts to return to more of the lighthearted and comedic atmosphere that we’re used to seeing.

Oreimo 15 - 6

In the first part of the episode, Kyousuke and Kirino try to figure out what exactly what they are going to do from this point on. I thought the comedic moments worked into the somewhat serious conversation they were having actually worked quite nicely since they fit well with the mood of the entire episode. Having a more lighthearted tone here made the transition to the following scenes flow smoothly.

Oreimo 15 - 2

While Kirino retreating to her eroge is a regular thing in the show, I felt that here they used it well to display the mix of emotions Kirino was having. I think everyone has had one of those moments when you just want to take your mind off things because it’s so overwhelming. Although Kirino said that they could use the game for life advice, in my opinion Kirino was just trying to immerse herself in one of her favorite activities to take her mind off the topic so she could calm down and sort through her thoughts; though that doesn’t really work when the game you play relate to the current situation.

Oreimo 15 - 3

One of the few issues I had with the last two OVAs was at how fast they were approaching things between Kirino and Kyousuke. I full well acknowledge the fact that they were living together for their whole lives, but they only just announced their feelings for one another and already get on the topic of marriage. Have they ever heard of taking things slowly? I understand that their excited, but Kyousuke is only just finishing high school and Kirino is only just entering it. Aren’t they a bit young to be talking about it at this level?

Oreimo 15 - 5

At the very end of their little talk they decide on what they’ll do, but it’s kept a secret from us (the glorious decision to be revealed next episode).

Oreimo 15 - 7

And with that, they decide to officially announce they are dating to Kuroneko and Saori. Even though both knew of the relationship since they were present at the confession, the way they act during the scene really gives you a better impression of how they feel. They’re the kind of friends that are fully supportive of any relationship regardless of whether it involves incest or not. You do get the slight impression that they’re not exactly accepting off it incest, but what’s most important to both of them is that the Kyousuke and Kirino are happy. The way Kuroneko looks at Kirino at the end of the scene really says it all.

Oreimo 15 - 16

Though things have changed between Kirino and Kyousuke, they show that the group will remain the same for the most part by having Kirino and Kuroneko enter into their usual argument over anime.

Oreimo 15 - 8

I’ll skip over the scene with Kanako because I really don’t have much to say about it other than that it was somewhat unexpected. Kyousuke’s rejection count reaches three.

And so we find ourselves at the end of the episode. I really liked the way they ended the episode as we got some more back story on Kirino. Since Oreimo is told from Kyousuke’s point of view we rarely get to see how Kirino has really felt about her brother for all these years. I think episode 13 was the first time we actually saw stuff from Kirino’s point of view. Yes, one can draw conclusions based on how she reacts in general to Kyousuke, but at most it’s just speculation.

Oreimo 15 - 13

For those of you that remember, in both endings to season one we got a quick glance at the contents of this box and a few things in it, but we never got to see the photo album that Kirino really cherished. Each route was actually based on whether he tried to look or whether he decided to pass. I had actually completely forgotten about it until Kyousuke found it in Kirino’s closet, but I thought it was really nice that they revisited it in the end.

Oreimo 15 - 17

If you remember from season 1, Kirino said that it contained some of her most precious things. Among other things we have what I assume was Kirino’s first eroge, the photo album which turned out to contain pictures of Kyousuke, the pink box which contains Kirino’s track medals (she showed him back in episode 12.5 of season 1), and finally the pink iPod which actually contains messages for her future self.

Oreimo 15 - 14

The messages pretty much reiterate most of what was said in episode 13. The second one actually reveals the most since it was recorded just before Kirino and Kyousuke started ignoring each other. It sets up perfectly for the next episode where the evil mastermind behind everything is revealed (You’ll see what I’m talking about in my episode 16 review).

I felt that this was another pretty solid OVA, though still not quite as good as the previous one. It was enjoyable but it didn’t have anything that packed a punch like Kuroneko’s rejection or Kyousuke’s confession, which is why I gave it a slightly lower score. Two down, one to go. Look forward to my episode 16 review, I have a TON to talk about.

Score: 8/10


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