[Spoilers] Oreimo Season 2 OVA: Episode 16 Review

Thirty-one episodes later and we find ourselves at the very end of the entire series. Yes, this is the last we’ll see of the Oreimo gang. Like most people I’m sure, I wondered if the ending was going to be as bad as I heard.

Oreimo 16 - 2

As we say goodbye to the gang, Kyousuke says his goodbyes to his high school life. Although it’s his graduating day, there isn’t a sad tone to this first part of the episode. Rather, we return to the regular comedic nature of the show that I’ve grown to love.

Oreimo 16 - 44

News of Kirino’s and Kyousuke’s relationship has already spread somewhat among Kyousuke’s friends, but like Kuroneko and Saori, they don’t really seem to have that much of a problem with it. They may not understand sibling love of this nature, but as I said in my episode 15 review, they can’t help but be supportive when they see how happy the two are.

Oreimo 16 - 5

Besides, they’re not the only ones who are in an unconventional relationship apparently.

Oreimo 16 - 6

Of course since it’s the last episode, there’s one more person Kyousuke and Kirino had to sort out things with; Manami. “The final boss” as Kyousuke puts it.

Oreimo 16 - 8

The final boss and true villain of the entire Oreimo series was upon them. Yes, I’m one of those people who will be blaming things on Manami somewhat; this thread on MyAnimeList and picture actually sum it up the best. You’ll have to click below to read.


Why I don’t necessarily agree with all that’s said, or believe that all of Manami’s actions were centered around a plan to get with Kyousuke, I do think that Manami is to blame for a number of things; ultimately leading to the situation between Kyousuke and Kirino.

First off, as we learned last episode, after Manami told Kirino that she couldn’t marry her brother all those years ago, the cold war between the siblings began; hence she is to blame for creating the huge rift in their relationship.

Oreimo 16 - 9

As pointed out in the thread on MyAnimeList, it’s actually fairly common for younger siblings to love their older siblings so much, in an innocent manner of course, that they say they want to marry them when they grow up. As they grow older it is something that they will almost always grow out of. Like Kirino admitted, what Manami said was right, but the way in which it was said made Kirino feel like a freak.

Oreimo 16 - 28

Since they ended up spending little time together, the regular brotherly-sisterly bonds never formed and Kirino ends up developing a complex for her brother. It is possible that Kirino’s feelings are also partly a result of her trying to get back at Manami for what she said.

Oreimo 16 - 18

Secondly, as we saw in the previous episodes, Manami seemed to have frequent talks with girls like Ayase and Kuroneko, giving them advice on dealing with Kyousuke. When Kyousuke asks Manami if she is surprised about his relationship with Kirino, she admits to having known about the situation for a long time; by this I assume she means Kirino’s feelings and not Kyousuke’s. In other words, she gives advice to multiple girls knowing full well that most of them will end up being heartbroken and knowing that Kirino held feelings for her brother.Oreimo 16 - 10

Now that I’ve gotten that out the way, let’s continue on.

When Manami said that she was “here to fight”, like Kyousuke I thought she meant that she was there to argue against Kyousuke’s and Kirino’s relationship, using words alone. When Manami threw the first punch I was totally caught off guard as it was quite out of character for her;  she was usually rather quiet and reserved.

Oreimo 16 - 15

I suppose the fight scene was reflective of just how deep the grudge between the two went. Kirino had be holding her feelings inside for years with no one to talk to; blaming her tough situation on Manami for saying what she had said. Manami on the other hand had held feelings for Kyousuke for years. To see him taken away from her by the very person who she said would never be with Kyousuke must have torn her apart.

Oreimo 16 - 21

Manami looks so evil here that I just had to throw in this screenshot.

Oreimo 16 - 25Manami plays a crucial role here since, unlike the others, she points out how most people see their relationship. It’s the harsh reality that someone needed to tell them and acts as a test of just how far their love for one another goes. Of course, Kyousuke passes this test or sorts, willing to give up everything to be with Kirino.

Oreimo 16 - 26

What I found rather funny after this moment was Kyousuke’s comment towards Kirino after she points out that he has rejected so many girls for her.

Oreimo 16 - 34

Every one of them was too good for me
– The wise man Kyousuke Kousaka

So if every one of those girls was too good for you, that makes Kirino the worst girl I suppose… Honestly, how can you say that with a smile on your face to the girl you apparently love. That is the worst possible reply he could have given, yet Kirino doesn’t seem to care being called the worst out of the bunch.

And so we find ourselves at the very end of it all. Kyousuke organizes a fake wedding and they live happily ever after right??

Oreimo 16 - 38WRONG!!! You know what happens instead? Do you really want to know? Well I don’t even have to ask since you’ve probably already seen the last episode if you’re reading my review full of spoilers.

Oreimo 16 - 39YEP!!! YEP!!! They go back to being normal siblings!!! Wow, what an amazing ending, simply FANTASTIC!!!! *Clap*Clap*Clap*

Seriously, that’s how he decided to end the series??!! I had begun the wee hours of the morning with a smile on my face as started up the first OVA the second it was released at midnight on Crunchyroll. Around an hour and a half later I wound up with the smile wiped from my face, furious enough to go on a rant.

Honestly, this is the first time I’ve ever reacted like this to a series. When the last light novel was released I saw tons of people complaining about the ending; one of my friends included. I chose to wait and finish the series off by watching the OVAs, so I didn’t look for a rough translation of the light novel like some people. Some peoples’ hatred even went as far as burning the light novel.


At the time I really couldn’t believe it. I knew that Kirino and Kyousuke would end up dating in the end; I mean it was pretty obvious based on the title and to anyone who watched the series. I assumed that all of the hate surrounding the ending came from supporters of Kuroneko and the other girls who were angered at the fact that Kyousuke chose Kirino over the others.

NOPE!! Turns out people reacted the way they did because the ending was just written horribly. I mean it when I say that this was one of the worst endings to a series I have seen in my entire life. I can understand why some people burnt their copies of the book.

If you’re going to write and ending, either commit 100% to the route you follow or don’t commit at all. I’m not sure what he was thinking when he wrote this. Maybe he was afraid that half the people wouldn’t like an incest ending so he decide to try a make an ending where both sides would be happy. All I can say is no one likes a cop out. If you’re going the incest route, actually make it an incest route, don’t cop out in the end as you’ll end up pissing off everyone.

Personally, I was really enjoying this episode and thought that everything was going smoothly up until the last few minutes. It would have been infinitely better if Kirino and Kyousuke had ended up staying lovers. Instead it looks like Kyousuke will end up being forever alone. I suppose Kirino’s line towards the end of the episode was supposed to be foreshadowing; though I don’t think anyone picked up on it.

Oreimo 16 - 35

Score: 6/10

Also, it gets my seal of approval for one of the worst endings I’ve ever seen!


Wait, not that seal! This seal!



19 responses to “[Spoilers] Oreimo Season 2 OVA: Episode 16 Review

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  3. YEAH. DEFINITELY ONE OF THE WORST!!! I spent my whoooooooooooole night watching this feeling happy, ready to support their decision even if it meant the whole world against them… and what do I get? A hypocritical conclusion by the author. Fakkin’ horrible. I didn’t sleep well, obviously and after waking up do I only realized the horror of it: Kyousuke = FOREVER ALONE. What a bunch of bull load.

    • Well what do you know.. I agree to you as well but well i was kinda bored just after Kyousuke was dumping ayase so i kinda fast forwareded the remaining episodes but of course i didnt skip but anyway…. I was kinda gonna be okay with that I even said to myself that I’ll just play the game so id have a better ending with either Ayase or Saori or the other routes
      then what??? they became normal again?? without even explaining s#it to other people ?? or atleast just fixed things up?? Id rather accept the most common harem ending which he atleast wont have any misunderstandings or wrong vibes or some shit

  4. Unless the translations were off from what i understood they pretty much promised each other they would wait till after college to make there love more open or what not. I don’t think the ending was a cop-out from what i could tell. It seemed that they went full on with the incest ending.
    Now i wanna know why shows like this get 31 episodes and shows like B Gata H Kei. don’t. that’s just my thoughts

  5. Walter, the reason B Gata H Kei (one of mine and my fiancee’s personal favorites) didn’t get a second season was due to poor sales (being promoted as Ecchi instead of Romance comedy did major damage), plus apparently the VA for Yamada is so idolized by fanboys for playing the pure, sweet moe characters, the studio and the mangaka got pummeled by death threats for “making her voice a whore”… We were greatly saddened and do hope it gets picks up since the manga finished a long time ago, but don’t think it will. And the dub was hilarious, too!

  6. Actually, Kirino was a bit messed up (nothing unusual like you said but the seed was there for future development) long before Manami said anything. Kirino is the one who got fixated on her brother and that shaped her whole life. Even if Manami hadn’t said anything, there’s a good chance she would have followed the same path.

    I don’t remember Manami giving them romantic advice. She knew Kirino had romantic feelings for her brother but how did she know the other girls had the same kind of feelings for him? She didn’t. She may have suspected but even in that case she couldn’t have known they would ALL end up heartbroken. She didn’t know he was in love. She didn’t know Kirino would win in the end. For all she knew, one of the harem members, including her, could have won.

    “That is the worst possible reply he could have given, yet Kirino doesn’t seem to care being called the worst out of the bunch.”

    True. But it’s also appropriate.

    In the end, all I felt was numb disappointment. He not only rejected all the cute girls who were honestly (and lawfully) in love with him but he failed to follow through with the incest route. A better ending would have included both of them giving up their virginity for each other (as in many hentai) and continuing the relationship in secret. Or they could have given up after having sex for that one and only time. Or they could have realized that they got a bit of a weird relationship with too much jealousy and overprotection but they’re just very close siblings who love each other but that’s it. And then he should have accepted Manami or Ayase or Kuroneko. The latter would have probably been the best ending for a non-hentai anime. To end up like that is not just horrible and sad but insulting to the fans that watched it.

    ” I suppose Kirino’s line towards the end of the episode was supposed to be foreshadowing;”

    I don’t think so. I believe it was a final bit of self-referential humor adding to the sense of open-endedness but nothing more than that.

  7. Excellent review. I still haven’t watched, though, but I understand everyone’s hate towards the ending. I just wanted to point that the author said he wrote the story the way HE wanted, not what the fans wanted.

  8. oreimo ending betrayed every fan .Personally i think best ending choice would have been when Kyousuke purpose and kirino accepted( i liked the moment when she said yes.)Or other could have been when they were holding a pseudo-marriage ceremony(but it was destroyed the moment kirino took the ring off her finger )

  9. OH I WAS WANDERING THE WHOLE INTERNET FOR THIS REVIEW!!! I was wandering because I wanted to find somebody who is feeling the same way as I am and share our feelings!!! It’s sooooooo crucial ending for me and all of the fans. I’m very curious what kind of thought the writer had!!! I enjoyed this anime sooo much and I think I’ll never find one like this because I don’t watch many kinds of anime I only watch few deeply. The ending is shocking and it blew my whole mind but I still love this series. 😦 My heart inside is saying go and buy even light novels! but my head is saying no. So I’m sooooo painful these days.. If somebody sympathize with me, please reply. It’ll be really consoling for me, and have a nice chat and be friends. 🙂

  10. It was implied in sort of manner that they would continue their relationship if not for the censorship. The ending really got into me as well as I would like for Kirino and Kyousuke to be together, no matter what society thinks. My point is that the author strongly suggests that if not for his publishers, he would write an ending that might be a more taboo one where Kirino and Kyousuke continued their relationship. So, for those who support and ship them to be together, dwell on what the author says. As for those who ship Kyousuke with someone else, I am sorry as I can’t help you guys. Maybe playing the game would help. Look at the link for what the author says in the interview.


  11. Faaaaail. Poor butthurt siscons. :c I personally think it was the only ending that would’ve worked. On the contrary, if they left it as a “happily ever after”, it’d just be one big fat joke. It’s incredibly unrealistic–not that anime has to be realistic, but it should be consistent, and it doesn’t fit the tone of the anime as it’s kept to realism as close as possible. That’s what makes this anime the only good siscon anime. Look, for them to truly end up going out together in the series would either be impossible or incredibly, incredibly difficult. Or a deus ex machina revealing that Kirino was adopted–which isn’t happening. The writing would change the series into seinen. Do you really think Kyosuke would be able to find a job if it got out that he was dating his sister? Kirino would lose all her modelling fans. She wouldn’t be seeked out as a track athlete. They can’t have sex unless Kirino got her tubes tied or Kyosuke got a vasectomy. If they want kids, they’ll have to find a surrogate or adopt. To give up everything entirely just to be together is unrealistic.
    The only way it would’ve worked is if they somehow managed to keep it a secret from their family and society. With Manami knowing, that was already impossible as she could easily tell their parents.
    So I think that half-hearted ending was definitely for the best.
    They’ll spend the rest of their lives together with each other as their most significant person; isn’t that enough?
    Though personally, I would’ve just preferred that Kyosuke stick to Kuroneko.

  12. I’m so disappointed with this ending too. I put off watching the series for so long. It’s such a shame because the comediac style and timing of the show had me in stitches. Like the whole Ayase yandere thing, hilarious. But yeah wow, it’s almost like they were trying to go for a Yasuga no Sora or Koi Kaze style ending, got high and paranoid and decided to change it at the end in a way that couldn’t possibly lead to another series. Even if Kyousuke did end up in an intimate relationship with Kirino, there’s no way I could have appreciated the climax. Should have stayed with Ruri, Baka. Seen some awful endings to anime but this will sit amongst the worst for quite some time. I suddenly feel the urge to watch Clannad or Toradora just to remind me of what a good romantic comedy ending actually looks like.

  13. How to enjoy the ending:

    -pretend this was a translation error. When he takes the ring off we all go what? But we pretend she whispered into his ear and said “let’s wait until after we both graduate”

    I actually think this COULD be a possibility (but still doubt it) as she specifically said “when we both graduate,” which could very likely mean that once Kirito is ALSO graduated from highschool, that they could go back to being “the way they were” referring to perhaps a point in time like Christmas where they were openly in love. Free cookie to anyone who finds a plot loop in this wishful thinking version of the ending XD

    Ps Kirito’s bra size is a 16C

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