Boomslank – Great, Original, Anime Graphic Tees!


Hey guys, I’m back once again! Today we’re taking a look at Boomslank, a brand dedicated to creating products with original artwork for anime fans!

Being an artist myself, I’m a huge fan of original artwork. I love browsing the vast array of artwork on sites such as deviantArt and Pixiv. It’s even better when I get to walk through the Artist Alley at conventions, with prints of various sizes and art styles hanging around a small booth where the artist sits patiently, waiting for the next interested buyer.There’s just something about a physical copy of an print that can’t be matched; similar to how reading a book online doesn’t feel the same as reading a physical copy. Speaking of which, I snagged these awesome prints while I was at Con-G last week.


Yes, they’re all by the same artist

Unfortunately, when it comes to products such as T-shirts, the market seems to be lacking in original artwork. When I am able to find an original T-shirt, the execution of it is often rather sloppy, with a rectangular print often tossed onto a plain white T-shirt. It’s easy to tell that the artist did not design the print with the original intention of it being placed on a shirt.


When Boomslank contacted me a few weeks back, I was hesitant to say the least. However, when I went to check out their site I was thoroughly impressed by what I saw; both by how clean and easy to use their website was (I’ve seen way too many poorly designed sites), and by the great T-shirt designs they have. If I had enough money to spare, I would honestly buy all of the different designs they have.

Being the awesome people they are, they were kind enough to send me a T-shirt!


All of the designs on their site are created by the very talented artist P-shinobi! What they didn’t know when they first contacted me was that this kind of graphic style happens to be one of my favorite styles! A very lucky pick which has earned them a loyal customer (once I earn some more money and cut back more on figures).

This particular design is called “Tournament.” Let’s take a closer at the shirt!

_MG_0562 _MG_0563

As you can see, two girls are fighting in front of what I imagine is a school. They’re both wearing different uniforms, so it seems to be a tournament between two different schools. On a related note, it would be amazing if there was an anime series that was like the movie “Fight Club.” (If there is one already like that, PLEASE let me know)


All of their shirts are made entirely out of cotton and range from size XS to 2XL. Being the tall and lanky guy that I am, I grabbed a size large. Fits great and is super comfortable!


All of the T-shirts on their site are $30.00, which is reasonably priced. All of the anime tees that I order off sites like AmiAmi and import are roughly $30 or higher. They’re not a huge brand at the moment, so it’s impressive that they can price their tees rather competitively with other companies.

The shipping price is also standard, being $4 for US domestic and $11 for international. What did impress me was the shipping time, as I got it much faster than when ordering off other T-shirt sites.

In addition to T-Shirts, Boomslang sells posters and phone cases. If you’re looking for some products featuring original artwork, I would highly suggest checking them out.

Well, that’s all for now! I’ll leave a video below if you want to learn more about Boomslank, as well as links to both Boomslank and the artist P-shinobi. Have a great day wherever in the world you are!


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