“Peace Keeper” Daisy 1/6th Scale by Kotobukiya: Unboxing & Review

Hey guys, I’m back with another figure unboxing and review! It’s been quite a while since I did one of these (the last review was back at the end of September of last year), and in the months since then I’ve continued to gather a lot more figures. Today we’ll be looking at Tony’s Heroine Collection “Peace Keeper” Daisy 1/6 scale figure by Kotobukiya!


Unlike the other figures I’ve reviewed, this one does not come from any series, rather it’s an original character design by Tony Taka. For those of you not familiar with Tony, he is a Japanese illustrator who has designed characters for numerous games, the most notable of which would be the Shining roleplaying game series. I’m actually planning on playing through all the games in the Shining Series when I get a chance.


Tony is actually one of my favorite illustrators (right up there with Kantoku and redjuice), which I guess you could say is somewhat of a problem for me since a lot of figures have been released based on his illustrations. There are so many figures I want to buy (for example, the Hastune Miku Tony ver. 1/7th Scale and Melty de Granite Swimsuit ver. 1/7th Scale), but so little money to spend currently. This particular figure was based upon the illustration shown below.

peace keeper daisy

Just a quick word of warning for those of you who may decide to check out Tony’s work after this post; Tony has illustrated and designed characters for eroge games/galges so some of the images are not safe for work.


Pre-orders for “Peace Keeper” Daisy went up in July of last year and she retailed for 9800 yen (around 95 USD). She was shipped out to buyers mid-December last year. I bought mine through Hobby Link so I ended up keeping it in their private warehouse and shipping it later on in February.


Being 1/6th scale, Daisy stands at a height of approximately 250mm. I don’t have any other scale figures of this size, so she dwarfs anything that she is placed next to.

Unfortunately, the paint around the mouth on my figure was somewhat sloppy I guess and there ended up being a large black mark near the bottom right side of her mouth.


I managed to get rid of most of the mark, but I wouldn’t advise using the same method that I used as I could have damaged the figure if I didn’t have steady hands…. (x-acto blade + pvc = lots of scratches if you’re not careful)


Other than the figure itself, you also get four pieces; two of which you need to attach to the head. I’m not exactly sure why they give you four pieces instead of just two, since that’s all you really need. I suppose it’s in case they break and you need to replace them, but the pieces themselves don’t seem that fragile and most figures don’t compare with extra replacement parts in the first place. Ah well, it’s better to have extra in case something were to ever happen.


Alright, now let’s take a look at the complete figure and get a few closeups and views from different angles.


_MG_0857 _MG_0858_MG_0859_MG_0861_MG_0871_MG_0863

I really love how they created a sense of very thin, light fabric by making the clothes somewhat transparent. This sense of lightness is even further emphasized by the choice to have the gown flowing as a result of what one could imagine is a result of wind. In combination with the butterfly wings that seem to give of a silky sheen, it perfectly captures the idea of a fairy.



In terms of quality, I would say that Good Smile, Alter and Kotobukiya are my top three figure companies. The paint jobs (aside from the slight defect which I would assume happens on very few figures) by Kotobukiya are always well done.

_MG_0867 _MG_0868 _MG_0869 _MG_0872_MG_0870

I actually didn’t know about this before ordering the figure, but the stand is actually reversible and you can place artificial flowers in the base.

_MG_0874 _MG_0875

Honestly, whoever thought of this is a genius. It’s such a simple idea, but really adds a lot to the overall look of the figure. I didn’t really have many artificial flowers around the house so I could only fill the stand half way.



I suppose they could have simply made a base where they sculpted out flowers, but that would have meant a large, heavy PVC base. As a result, the base price probably would have been more expensive and shipping would also cost quite a bit more with the additional weight. Not to mention, large bases usually limit the display options for a figure. Doing it this way was probably the better option.

_MG_0877Β  _MG_0879 _MG_0880

I can’t wait till the flowers really start to bloom here so I can take some photos of her outside!

To Buy or Not To Buy? That is the Question!

In the case of original characters that aren’t attached to any specific series, my standard spiel of “buying a figure depending on how much you like the character” doesn’t really apply. Instead, it comes down to a question of how much you like the design of the figure and how much it costs.

Personally, I think “Peace Keeper” Daisy is well worth the investment! If you like the Tony Taka’s character designs, 9800 is a pretty reasonable price considering both the size and quality of the figure. For example, my Senjougahara Hitagi 1/8th Scale figure by Kotobukiya (which I will be reviewing in the future) was priced at 9000 yen and she is considerably smaller in scale (of course one could say that the high price can partly be attributed to the popularity of the Monogatari series).

Here are a few places you can grab her. At the moment, there is a pre-owned one on AmiAmi in good condition for 8,780 yen (which is much cheaper than what I bought her for), so if you’re interested in getting her I suggest buying her before she’s gone!!

(Edit: As someone on reddit pointed out, she’s also on Mandarake for 7500 yen! Even cheaper!)

  1. Mandarake
  2. AmiAmi – Pre-owned
  3. Big in Japan – Backorder
  4. Nippon Yasan

Well, that’s it for today! Have a great rest of the day!

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10 responses to ““Peace Keeper” Daisy 1/6th Scale by Kotobukiya: Unboxing & Review

  1. Dude that is one amazing scale figure! She’s so beautiful! Tony Taka is right up there with my all time favorite artists, same with Kantoku (I’ve got his 2014 calendar, it’s amazing). If I had the money, I’d buy that scale figure in a heart beat. By the way, what camera did you use to take the pictures of the figure?

  2. Very nice review!The figure seems very nice and I like the base with flowers in it. I just wish her panties covered less.

  3. WOW! She’s really amazing! I’m debating if buying her since when she was announced, though I ended up waiting because of her price (which is reasonable per se, that’s true, but my budget is very low atm) and now I also want the Lechery Kyonyu Fantasy Gaiden Shamsiel repaint announced a while ago so I am still completely unsure on what to do.

    Still, your review almost made me go buy her right now as she seems so amazing I can’t really miss her in my collection. I’ll think about it for a little longer and, in the meantime, thank you for the great review! πŸ™‚

  4. Pingback: Peace Keeper Daisy | A Figure's Story·

    • :O Thanks for letting me know!! Hmmm, well I can’t read Chinese and am not familiar with Yahoo Auction, but is there any way I could get Yahoo to take down the auction if he’s trying to cheat people?

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