Zankyou No Terror First Impressions

To be entirely honest, I had no idea this show was even airing this season until a friend linked me the PV for it just over a week ago.

Ok, creator of Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo makes a terrorism drama with music by Yoko Kanno? This I can get behind. I really hope it isn’t disappointing. xD

Indeed, that was something I could definitely get pumped for as well. Like Aldnoah.Zero, the staff behind the show really had me excited for the first episode. Furthermore, a friend down in Los Angeles had seen the first two episodes screened at Anime Expo, and had nothing but positive things to say about what he saw.

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Zankyou no Terror (Terror in Resonance) follows two mysterious young men as they carry out a terrorist attack in an alternate present day Tokyo. While the world searches for someone to blame for this tragedy, the two men, who call themselves “Sphinx,” continue to carry out their plan.

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I’m glad to say that he first episode lived up to my high expectations, delivering the right amount of pacing and providing the viewer with just enough information to pique his or her interest, but not too much that the plot becomes obvious. In the first few minutes we’re thrown right into the middle of an exciting heist, as the two main characters steal what appears to be a nuclear bomb. However, how this works into their plan we don’t know, as we then flash forward six months. The first few minutes provide enough excitement and mystery to keep one interested in watching the whole episode.

ss (2014-07-12 at 05.04.41)

Six months later in Tokyo, we find ourselves following the two young men Kokonoe and Hisami, who refer to one another as Nine and Twelve, as they try to blend into society. Although they appear to be fine on the outside, we learn that Hisami and Kokonoe have a dark past that haunts them, which seems to be the driving force behind carrying out their terrorist plan.

ss (2014-07-12 at 05.05.10)

The third main character we are presented with is Lisa Mishima;  a young women who is bullied by her classmates. Like the other two, she seems to share a dark past as well. As we learn in two instances she appears to have some issues with her mother and as a result of the bullying prefers to isolate herself.

ss (2014-07-12 at 05.05.53)

By giving the main characters multiple layers, and only presenting fragments of information about them, the show becomes more interesting. One wants to learn more about these characters and what shaped them to become who they are presently. The whole storyline is modeled in this same way as well; we are presented with fragments of the master plan, but never the whole thing. In this way one’s interest is kept for multiple reasons.

ss (2014-07-12 at 05.08.01)

In terms of both art and music, both are excellent and blend perfectly with one another. With Yoko Kanno working on the music, there was no doubt that it would end up being fantastic.

If you haven’t watched the first episode yet, I would highly suggest doing so. There are a lot of good shows this summer season, and if you don’t have time to watch them I would definitely suggest prioritizing Zankyou no Terror as it seems like it’ll be one of the best of the season next to Aldnoah.Zero.

Episode 1 = 5/5


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