Yozora and Miku

So I finally got around to taking some photos outside with my nendoroids!! Among those who came out to play in the fresh air were Yozora and Miku.


Yozora looks like she’s having fun playing on her PSP! That’s the great thing about portable consoles; you can get outside and enjoy the beautiful day while playing!


By the looks of it, someone else is having some fun gaming outside as well! It was hard for anyone to stay inside on such a beautiful day!


Hmm… I wonder what game Miku is playing on the PS Vita.


Ahh, of course, she’s playing Project Diva F, one of her favorite games! Mine as well! I’m really looking forward to the release of Project Diva F 2nd next year!


I think Yozora wonders how Miku is able to play the game on such a big device; it’s bigger than her body. Well, the Vita has a touch screen, so playing on a big screen is no problem for Miku!


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